American-Made RobotsEngineered for Mission Success

Our Robotics

We help government agencies make dangerous, dirty, & dull tasks safer, cleaner, and more effective, which continues to save lives, reduce injuries, and improve employee retention.

Compact Inspection Robots

Robots to inspect inaccessible areas such as crawlspaces, drop ceilings, air ducts, culverts, under vehicles (security), and beneath heavy machinery.

Industrial Inspection Robots

Rugged inspection robots used for visual inspections, detecting harmful gases, or thermal imaging in industrial settings.

Reality Capture Robots

Use a robot to expedite or even automate reality capture scanning of construction jobsites or mapping of facilities.

Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR)

Robots that automate processes including transporting materials, object recognition, and inspections.

Tactical Robots

SWAT, EOD, & HAZMAT teams use these robots to clear rooms, dispose of hazardous materials, and provide surveillance.

Material Handling Robots

Safely transport materials autonomously, remotely, or via remote control indoors or outdoors.

Telepresence Humanoid Robots

Workers can operate a two-armed, biped robot to perform dangerous or dirty tasks remotely from a safe location. Also utilized by injured or disabled workers.

Custom Robots

We customize one of our models or build custom robots to solve your unique challenges and specific use cases such as detecting radioactive materials or scanning mines.

Most Popular Robots

American Droid’s partners have built hundreds of different robots for nearly every use imaginable for over two decades.

Built in America

We design, engineer, fabricate, develop, and test customized robotic solutions from a facility in North Carolina.