American-Made RobotsEngineered for Mission Success

Our Services

We proudly conceptualize, design, fabricate, and assemble all of our robots in the United States of America.


All robots are NDAA Compliant.

What We Offer

American Droid is a Robotics Engineering and Integration company dedicated to enhancing public service missions. We provide end-to-end consulting, engineering, manufacturing, and technology services for the design, development, and integration of robotic solutions tailored for public service missions and organizations.

Robotics Future & Current Plans

We develop options with your team, crafting future plans and requirements for how robots can integrate into your mission operations.

Robot Design, Development, & Testing

We provide tailored robotics solutions, including robotic platforms with different configurations, sensors, navigation, automation, control, software, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and that can integrate, interface, and be compatible with the ecosystem to meet mission requirements.

Robotics Deployment & Integration Management

We integrate robotic solutions into your operations at scale. We manage process and operational changes, problem solve each issue, and support end-users to ensure everything goes well.

Remotely Operated or Autonomous Mobile Robots

We offer pre-built and custom-built robots to increase operational safety, see and work from a safe distance, improve business operations, and do jobs that humans should not be doing.

Built in America

We design, engineer, fabricate, develop, and test customized robotic solutions from a facility in North Carolina.