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All robots are NDAA Compliant.

American Droid

We all recognize that robots are a disruptive force in the market, playing a pivotal role in shaping the American economy and how services can be delivered to our communities and country. However, while the robotics market seems rich with potential, it currently proves somewhat inaccessible to public service organizations due to the high costs and limited customization options for unique mission sets.

At American Droid, we are here to bridge that gap. We are here to make robotic exploration and solutions accessible and affordable for public service organizations and missions.

End-to-End Robotic Solutions

We provide engineering, development, and integration of robotic solutions tailored specifically for public service missions. Unlike commercial robot vendors, our business model is centered on collaboration with individual public service customers and building robots to mission-specific requirements. We work closely with customers to design, develop, fabricate, and then deploy customized robots tailored precisely for unique use cases.

Whether you seek to enhance operational capabilities, improve public safety, or boost mission delivery and capacity, American Droid stands ready as your robotics engineering, integration, and solutions partner. The future is robotic, and at American Droid, we’re shaping it with a commitment to American innovation and service.

American Droid is a joint venture collaboration between two firms committed to American advancement: and SuperDroid Robots. brings over two decades of dedicated service to Federal agencies, demonstrating expertise in managing critical programs and seamlessly deploying cutting-edge technologies into mission-critical areas. Specializing in program management and technology integration, plays a pivotal role in assisting Federal customers to conceptualize, select, test, and seamlessly integrate advanced technologies into their operations at scale.

SuperDroid Robots has designed, engineered, fabricated, and programmed thousands of robots in their North Carolina facility over the past 20 years. SuperDroid specializes in crafting robust and functional robots tailored for use in public, remote, and collaborative human environments. Notably, SuperDroid has supplied hundreds of robots to SWAT, EOD, and HAZMAT teams, as well as various federal government agencies, including the Department of the Army, US Marshals, Department of Justice, Air Force Academy, National Park Service, EPA, Smithsonian, and NASA. Their track record exemplifies a commitment to delivering reliable robotic solutions across diverse and demanding applications.

We call North Carolina home.

Video courtesy of the City of New Bern, NC

American Droid is headquartered in New Bern, North Carolina. This history-rich, riverfront city was founded in 1710, served as the first state capital, and is the birthplace of Pepsi Cola. In fact, our office is next door to the drugstore where Pepsi was invented in the 1890s!

Our HQ is centered within vibrant community that offers our teams and visitors access to a convention center, airport, shops, restaurants, art galleries and theaters, and beautiful eastern North Carolina beaches and the Atlantic Ocean.

Just a short flight or drive to Fuqua-Varina, NC you will find our robot engineering team and fabrication plant. Just outside of Raleigh, customers and partners will find easy access to our location to see our robots in action.

All-American Robots

Designed, engineered, and built in North Carolina, USA.