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Who We Are

American Droid is a Robotics Engineering and Integration company dedicated to enhancing public service missions. We provide end-to-end consulting, engineering, manufacturing, and technology services for the design, development, and integration of robotic solutions tailored for public service missions and organizations.
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FusionBlue leverages over two decades of service to Federal agencies, managing vital programs and implementing state-of-the-art technologies. We are instrumental in guiding Federal clients through every step of the process, from conceptualization to selection, testing, and seamless integration of advanced technologies at scale.

SuperDroid Robots

For two decades, SuperDroid Robots has designed, engineered, fabricated, and programmed thousands of robots at our North Carolina facility. We’ve crafted highly-functional robots tailored for a variety of environments and use cases for several federal agencies and military branches including US Marshals, DOJ, EPA, National Park Service, NASA, and Smithsonian.

Past Government Clients

Aerial Photography and Video Production Services

Quadcopters generally use two pairs of identical fixed pitched propellers; two clockwise and two counterclockwise. These use independent variation of the speed of each rotor to achieve control. By changing the speed of each rotor it is possible to specifically generate a desired total thrust to locate the center.

Uniting Two Expert Companies

Federal Expertise

We’ve worked in the federal sector for decades and understand how it operates, the lingo, and where robotics can serve the greatest good.

Robot Expertise

We’ve designed, engineered, and built thousands of robots since 2001, including hundreds for federal and local governments and over 250 custom solutions for the commercial sector. 



We currently operate in the New Bern area of North Carolina.



We’re a united team forged from two companies with deep expertise in service to the federal government and robotics. Our mission is to bring innovationinnovative solutions to improve the lives of the government’s end users.


Stephanie Bidstrup

Managing Partner

Stephanie has over two decades of experience working with the United States federal government to bring concepts to life and matching the right vendor partners to the government agency’s requirements. 

Proudly Made in America

We design, engineer, fabricate, develop, and test customized robotic solutions from a facility in North Carolina.